MUSEpack v1.1.2dev20210128


MUSEpack is a python package written to support the data analyzes from Integral Field Units, specifically tailored to use datasets of the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) mounted at UT4 of the VLT (Bacon et al. 2010).

The main purpose of MUSEpack is to measure stellar and gas radial velocities to an accuracy of \(1-2\,{\rm kms}\,{\rm s}^{-1}\) without the need for spectral template libraries using radial_velocities.RV_spectrum. With strong stellar absorption lines or gas emission lines and a high-resolution spectral line library such as the NIST Atomic Spectra Database it is possible to create templates using the observed spectra, which can be cross correlated with the spectra using a Monte Carlo method. For a detailed description and the citation of the code we refer to Zeidler et al. 2019.

On this website we introduce the individual python classes and modules of MUSEpack. In Examples we present detailed instructions on how to use the main modules and classes of MUSEpack. For any suggestions and bug reports please create a pull request in GitHub or send an email to




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